TMBTC Services

The Man Behind The Code has exceptional problem solving skills in both Business and Technology who enjoys fast paced environments, cloud technologies, big data, machine learning, information integrations, and procedural orchestration and automation, as well as web and application development.

How can TMBTC help you?

Data Integration

We have the tools to integrate any data, any format, any time. If you're dealing with real time data, batch loads, emailed reports, API interfaces, no problem.

B2B Data Exchange

Need to exchange data with your clients or vendors? They offer an API or FTP site and you find yourself spending hours manually manipulating data. TMBTC can help with that.

Big Data

By now you've heard of Big Data, who hasn't? Don't let the name worry you. TMBTC can help you build a solution to tame the data.

Website Design

From simple micro sites, landing pages, to complex intranet solutions. TMBTC can help define your needs and provide a solution that is right sized for you.

Infrastructure Hosting & Managment

That server in the closet or under your desk getting old? Need to upgrade but don't want to spend the money on new hardware? TMBTC can help build you a cloud based solution.

eCommerse Intergration

Find yourself having to manage inventory across multiple systems? Wanting to get in on the Amazon or Wal-Mart Marketplace action? TMBTC can integrate and automate your inventory across multiple systems.

Systems Automation

Auto scaling web server farms, database right sizing, employee on boarding, ticket driven actions are all functions that should be automated, giving you that time back to focus on what matters most, your business.

Database Tuning

Databases are the storage container for all things; however, all things are not managed equally. Often your data outpaces your database. At some point your database no longer performs as it once did. TMBTC has the experience and tools to help identify and fix bottlenecks.

App Development

Have the next best idea for an app but don't know where to start? Contact TMBTC and lets get started!

Need help automating that tedious spreadsheet report or integration to that shipping API?
Conctact The Man Behind The Code.