Create Online KVM Backups

Create Online KVM Backups

Running eCommerce sites, downtime is considered a bad deal... at the same time, not having backups is even worse. Here is a simple script that I've put together to execute an online backup (not a snapshot) of a Virtual Machine managed by KVM without having to shut down the VM. Create a new file.
And copy and paste the following code.

function backup_snapshot {
  if [ `qemu-img info $filename.qcow2 | grep  --count "file format: qcow2"` -eq 1 ] then
    echo "Backing up $filename"
    # create the snapshot
    if [ $debug -eq 1 ] then
      echo "Creating snapshot"
    qemu-img snapshot -c $date $filename.qcow2
    #copy the snapshot out
    if [ $debug -eq 1 ] then
      echo "Converting snapshot to standalone qcow2 file"
    qemu-img convert -c -f qcow2 -O qcow2 $filename.qcow2 $filename-$date.qcow2 
    #delete the old snapshot
    if [ $debug -eq 1 ] then
      echo "Deleting snapshot"
    qemu-img snapshot -d $date $filename.qcow2
    echo "Snapshot backups only support qcow2 files"
date=`date +%d%m%Y`
filename=`echo $1 | sed s/.qcow2//`
backup_snapshot $date $filename
Exit vi, saving the script. Now make your script executable.
$chmod +x
To run the script pass it the name of your VM.
$./ /path/to/your/vm/hostname.qcow2
From my experiance, the performance impact to the VM is fairly minimal. Hope this helps.

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